Making school lunches is a form of parental torture. Like trying to find lost school jumpers and listening to preps read The Dog Walked Down the Road school readers 5 nights a week (yes I know we are supposed filling in the reading journal 7 nights a week but no one does that do they?)

Like most parental torture our brains have a way of forgetting how annoying these things are. A bit like the way you forget how awful childbirth is and how even more horrendous the first 6 weeks at home with a newborn baby is. Then you have another baby and hear it crying in the night and you struggle to remember what purpose children have other than to wake you up and wee on you.

Anyway, the school term starts and you wake up day one of term and the plastic pile on the kitchen bench reminds you that you are obligated as a parent to fill these containers with nutritional different coloured food that your kids may or may not eat.

And that was me this week. Let me take you back.

When Master Billy started school I was inspired by the bento box type lunchboxes thinking I was That Mum. Lots of little sections where I was going to place lots of little bits and pieces and the teachers would swoon and the parents who volunteer would be overwhelmed with how cool Billy’s lunchbox was and what a wonderful mother he must have. Yes well. I am not That Mum. Never going to be That Mum. No-one who knows me would ever think I would even waste time trying to pretend to be That Mum.

So this morning while I was rummaging around half open packets of stuff trying to fill all the bloody sections in the stupid bento box, I realised why the universe has given us The Fresh Lunch Fairy.








A local service that makes lunches to your order and delivers them to your house. Your kids can go online and order what they want, with your guidance, and sorted to make sure all food groups are included. And then it gets delivered to you the night before, ready for school the next day. The food is fresh, made locally and without additives or preservatives. It’s what you would make for your kids if you had no other tasks or employment, and you were a qualified chef with a full-time housekeeper. (like a Real Housewife or Barbie)

What about your lunch? Maybe you don’t have kids or your kids have moved on (they don’t really move on FYI, they’ll be back). Or maybe you are sending your kiddies off to school with a gourmet assortment of goodies and then you look forward to your noodles in a cup and last week’s apple. Maybe you might need a yummy lunch that is balanced, portion controlled and MADE BY SOMEONE ELSE! And what about a quick serve dinner for the nights you have kids sport or get home late? It can be delivered with your lunches so you have a heat and eat dinner waiting when you get home.

So order I did. A kids lunchbox to trial and a heat and eat chicken curry dinner. Now I’m a huge germaphobe – I think that has been established in previous blogs. (After the power cut last week I threw out EVERYTHING in the fridge and freezer). So I was pleased to see the food transported and packed in cool packs with storage and heating instructions. I know – blah blah blah Nikki, how did it taste?

For their Blog debuts, I invited Miss Daisy and Mumma Shelley to join me. Daisy because she’s a kid, she has a good palette and she has dreams of becoming a YouTube star reviewing toys ( that is actually a job). Mumma Shelley because there isn’t anyone I know who will be more honest and hard to please about food. If she likes it, it’s good.

Chicken Curry – apparently “bloody good” from Mumma Shell who doesn’t use those sort of words usually in her ABC watching, historical book reading life.

Lunch was so cute I could die. And the kids fought over it (note to self – you have two kids so order two next time). Full of yummy stuff that any kid would love without knowing it was healthy! It came so beautifully packed in a little box – we unpacked as we have a no wrapper policy at school so next time I will give the fairy an empty lunchbox to fill to save me even more time. Daisy gave it 5 unicorns ( I have no idea what that means but apparently that’s a great score on Daisy TV)

So next Monday morning when I need to leave early and the fridge is bare there will be three nutritious lunches ready to go. Which will give me time to fill in the prep reader journal, for all that weekend reading we are supposed to be doing….

Found Lunch Love It!


Contact Christine @ Fresh Lunch Fairy

Use code LV012018
Put it in at checkout to get free delivery and 10% off your order!


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