Do you love lists? I love lists. I probably spend more time making lists than actually actioning things on the lists. I know it drives my people mad, especially when I lose my list. You do not want to be around me on those days. I actually have no idea what I am doing without them. Like trying to remember everyone’s phone number when you lose your phone.

Recently I was organising a charity function involving ticketing, a pop-up shop, entertainment and 100 giftboxes that needed to be dropped off and picked up before the event. It was during this time that my partner in crime on the event, Miss Kara, told me to get an organiser. Not suggested, or planted a subtle seed – she demanded I get one. It may have been during a 10 minute “let’s get this happening” meeting when I brought out my 20 lists for the event (written on the back of old rosters) that she may have mentioned this. And as loyal as I am to my lists, I realised that if I was going to work full time and try to complete 5 other tasks on the side, a planner might save me some time.

So as often happens to me, I ask the universe a question and it delivers. I happened to be in a business training session that week, with the Geelong Queen of Markets, Janina Lear. She mentioned her planners which she has created alongside the super clever and super organised graphic designer, Lara Walsh from Indie Lime. They were about to be released and I thought I should check it out. After all, if they can juggle that many roles they must know something about being organised.

(And I secretly love Janina’s Piccadilly Market – it’s a paradise for a completely non-arty, non-crafty person like me. I can go there in my scarf and pretend that I too can make things and decorate things, and other such arty stuff..)

So my Pop Planner arrived.

Why will it probably be the only Planner I actually use after February? (we all start January with high planner hopes)

It’s very pretty. That’s important. Simple enough to suit anyone, but stylish enough to take to any cafe when you are meeting people and want to look like you’ve got it going on. ( I can see Miss Daisy, 5, an aspiring decorator, hovering over it with Shopkins stickers so it will stay off the kitchen table).

Month to a page and then each week of the month to a page. I despise the planners that try to put an entire month on a page and I am scribbling in the tiniest writing ever…and then can’t read what I wrote. I need space to write and cross out and have meetings, school fetes and doctors appointments all on the same day. Cause that’s how my life rolls.

Lots of blank pages – great for brainstorming my wonderful ideas in bed at night before they are ready for public viewing. I like to write it all down and then sleep on my big ideas because nothing clears the vision more than the light of day and two kids under 7 jumping on your head.

Heaps of cool stuff to fill in to get you thinking about your time – goals for the year and a breakdown of how you will achieve them including health and wellbeing goals. And my fav, space for a vision board so you can use visual prompts and quotes to inspire and clarify your goals( I did my first vision board this year and it has been the most amazing year of my life, so I’m a convert).

It has a spot for “I want to” lists – you know how you hear about a book or a TV show and you think I must watch/read that. And you don’t. Because you never remember and you have kids and a job and facebook. There is a section where you can note down movies, tv shows, books etc that you want to see so when you go to settle in for a movie, you have a go-to list. Because she who has no viewing suggestions ends up watching Fox Sports.

So there you have it. Big enough for all your notes but compact enough to fit into your handbag. And it has a sneaky little pocket in the back should you need to store important documents. Like contracts. Or invoices. Or lists written on the back of old rosters.

Get planning and make 2018 POP!

Get it here The Pop Planner and have it delivered

Or even better you can save postage and buy it in person! Either on December 3rd at the amazing Piccadilly Christmas Market (take your Santa list and get all your Christmas Shopping done too). Or head down to the fabulous Happy Shoe Shop at the river end of Pakington Street to pick up a copy today!


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  1. Ally Lofts
    November 21, 2017 at 6:48 pm (2 years ago)

    I’m so getting this. I’m a big diary nerd and love a new version – this sounds super 👍


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