How is it that in 2017 we still run out of charge on our phones? I have 3 different types of chargers at my house, chargers in the car and a rechargeable mobile charger in my handbag. (Not to mention the 30 random chargers that date back to my Nokia and Motorola Flip that I thought may have been the coolest thing ever at the time)
And yet the other day I found myself with a flat phone. Again.

Now I do use my phone a lot and I am in stores and on the road a bit for work which doesn’t lend itself to constant charging. But now we are using our mobiles for everything – email, Google and social media so it’s no wonder we find ourselves flat at times.
And then this little gem came along. The Pocket Charger. $4.99.

Unlike a plug in, you don’t need a power source.
Unlike a car charger, no engine required.
Unlike a rechargeable mobile charger, you don’t need to remember to recharge it.

This nifty little device is ready to go when your mobile isn’t. Already charged and sealed in its own little bag which is smaller than a box of matches. Best of all it’s universal to iPhone and Android micro USB.So you simply open the bag, turn on the switch and plug it in. It will give you 2-3 hrs of talk time which will be more than enough to get you home or back to the car or office to plug it in.

What I love about it is its small. Really small. 4cm x 4cm in fact. Once I got mine, I put one in my handbag, one in my briefcase, one in my car and one in the backpack we take when we go out with the kids. I even fit one in my wallet!

I didn’t think about it again. Until we were at Australia Zoo this week and Davo was trying to run his business in between the giraffes and the tigers and his mobile went dead.

Now we are out in the Africa section of the zoo so plugging in wasn’t an option and my rechargeable charger was in my other handbag in Victoria. But in our back pack, we had one of these little beauties. So we unwrapped it and put it in. After 5 mins the phone came back on and Davo was able to finish his calls and emails, not to mention capture some great footage of the tigers. Crikey! ( sorry he made me do it)

Now this will be one of those things you say “that’s a great idea” and do nothing about it until you are in the middle of nowhere with no charge. So the key is buy them now and put them in your bags and cars for those days you might need one. Also a great idea for caravans and camping, holidays and big days out. Safe in its waterproof packet for those rainy camping pack ups!
Then once you have finished with it you can drop it off to a battery recycling bin near you

Easy, Cheap and Convenient. And a great offer to get you started!
So to give them a go, post the discount code “FOUNDIT” and this will give you a 10% discount on orders over 5 units and free shipping!


Found It Love It Charge It!


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  1. Ally Lofts
    July 9, 2017 at 3:44 pm (3 years ago)

    The whole no charging the charger got me. Winner winner for me 👍


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