I love a good breakfast but hate the mess so much that I normally grab a banana and walk out the door rather than adding to the chaos.

I have been looking at the Decor microwave egg cooker for weeks in Woolworths – it was calling out to me as I walked past but having had terrible microwave egg experiences in the past, I ignored the desire to buy.
Then I went to Woolworths last week and made the cardinal sin of shopping hungry – never a good idea -so my barriers were down and I purchased. A lot of food. And an egg cooker.

When I got home, Davo, the poached egg snob, looked at me like I had suggested cooking an eye fillet in the microwave. Apparently, if there isn’t swirling water and vinegar and egg pods and mystical chanting you cannot cook poached eggs correctly.

But Davo is one to give things a go (mostly to prove me wrong I suspect) so we gave it a go. Hot water in the bottom section, spray the egg cups, break in the eggs and top the eggs with boiling water.
Microwave for 1.5 minutes and let sit for 1.5 minutes and you have 4 perfectly poached eggs. Soft, runny and delicious.

And you will be pleased to know Davo told me this morning after our 2nd morning of poached eggs that these were better than his poached eggs and that I must feature them on my blog so we can share the joy.

There’s a bacon cooker in the range too. I have suggested it to Davo who said cooking bacon well is a fine art, it was ridiculous to cook bacon in the microwave and there’s no way it would be any good.
We’ll see Davo. We’ll see.

Found It Poached It Love It!

Available in the food storage aisle at Woolworths, Coles & independent supermarkets.
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