Greeting Cards annoy me most of the time.
They are expensive and rarely appreciated and even more rarely, funny. I would suggest most end up in the bin within a few days.
But then on Facebook one day, popped up a Mother’s Day card so funny, that I actually had to read it twice to be sure I read it right!
And now I will show you, but it’s kinda rude so warning that the following cards might offend. But what’s the internet for, if not rude stuff?

And I thought wow- that’s kinda cool. So I went to the site and found so many laugh out loud funny cards that I spent an entire lunch hour reading them out to my co-workers.

Love Layla Australia are the Australian distributors for the UK based Love Layla Designs. They are a small Sydney based family business. They specialise in really, really funny quirky cards that are perfect for the joker in your family or for when there’s no gift so the card had better be bloody good!
I want to see more I hear you say…well here a few of my favourites:

One for the successful student

And one for the not so successful student


And one for the teacher

One for the love of your life


And one for the divorce


One for your dad


And lastly, one for Davo


There’s also a really cool section with cards for cancer patients where a portion of the money goes to charity. I know that doesn’t sound funny, but I’m sure there are a lot of unwell people who would love a card that gives them a laugh.
So jump on and have a look and a laugh. I follow them on Facebook so their cards pop up on my timeline every day and give me a smile.

Found It Love It Enjoy!

Check out their website and tell them ‘Found it Love it’ sent you ♥

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