In my previous role, I had the great pleasure of working for Cotton On. You may have heard amazing things about the working environment at Cotton On Head Office…and most of them are true. Never a dull moment and no day the same, it was an exciting place to work. The one thing that resonates with you when you work there is their drive to inspire their team to give back. To know your place in the world and help “break the cycle” by empowering others who may not be as fortunate.

Kelly was the kind of colleague everyone wants – kind, fun and a great sense of humour so I was not surprised to see she had taken action after her ‘once in a lifetime’ trip to see the Cotton On Foundation at work in Uganda. She was moved by the work the foundation was doing and was impacted by the many children she saw with no shoes. She learnt this often ends in medical issues and often stops the children from being able to attend school.


Upon returning home she wrote a book inspired by her own little boy and had a talented illustrator help bring the story to life. She wanted the proceeds to help buy shoes for these kids and was thrilled to find a wonderful charity called Because International that makes growing shoes that last most children 5 years as they can grow in size. Every copy of the book sold buys a pair of shoes.

I read the book to my kids and then flipped to the back where the concept of the growing shoes is explained. We had a discussion about everyday things like school and shoes, and how not everyone in the world is as fortunate as we are. It was one of those Mummy moments where you see the innocence of your children. After many questions (not even gumboots or thongs mummy?) they were unusually quiet as they ponder the concept of not owning footwear.

So buy a copy for your kids. I think it’s a wonderful gift to give…that may, in turn, give a child the wonderful opportunity for an education. And that is how the cycle is broken.

To learn about these amazing shoes



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  1. Ally Lofts
    November 16, 2017 at 5:00 am (2 years ago)

    Great post Nikki – and what a wonderful idea! Go Kelly!


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