Do you wish the clock would stop and you could get an extra hour or two? You probably have grand delusions you would spend that hour doing yoga and contemplating the meaning of life.

Bet you wouldn’t. Bet you would spend it doing all those things you never get to – tidying the pantry and throwing out the cereal from 2012, researching health insurance as you haven’t changed your policy since your mobile was a Nokia. You might live on the wild side and clean the oven which you have been meaning to do since Christmas last year or plan that catch up lunch with the girls from high school before your kids finish high school.

I saw a survey on Facebook the other day that asked busy mums what they would choose from

  • A Mercedes
  • A diamond ring
  • A personal chef
  • A cleaner

No surprise to me that most chose the cleaner. Not just because we all love a clean house to come home to, but more importantly that would give us TIME – all the hours we normally spend cleaning toilets would suddenly become ours again.

So as progress tends to do, it is now possible to purchase time. In hour blocks no less and it can even be gifted to someone who is impossible to buy for or you think needs more minutes in the day.

Welcome to the world of outsourcing. Previously a business term for “finding someone else who is better qualified to do tasks that you don’t specialise in, to allow you to make better use of your time”.

Now it’s a real-life mum and dad term. A personal concierge is the solution to your “what needs to be done in my life that bothers me but I just never get to” problems.  And yes it’s usually because most of these things suck and the idea of doing it fills your brain with sand and your stomach with spiders (apologies for that visual but butterflies sounded way to fluffy for such a crucial point). Like last year when I should have brought the bloody Hatchimal in October, that Miss 5 wanted for Christmas but waited till December and ended up harassing people in the Kmart carpark who I thought had one in their trolley. (And then paying triple the price on Ebay).

Meet Tick Tock, Personal Concierge. A Geelong based business that will organise, source, research and complete just about anything. A lot of local businesses are already using their services, but they can also help you. The working parent. The overstretched small business owner. The stay at home maid mum. And what a great gift for a new mum, or a busy friend or a lovely wife (hint hint Davo). Corporate businesses are even using Tick Tock vouchers as incentives for their teams. That will get the productivity up!

I can hear your objections…

Sounds too good to be true? Not at all. I have used the service myself recently and couldn’t speak more highly of them.  I was organising a fundraiser and Annalee from Tick Tock came flying in (no cape but it’s a good visual) and saved the day by gathering our donations and delivering them all to me. And because of her, we made a large amount of money for a family and a cause that needed it.

Sounds too extravagant? There is no job too small or too urgent. They have even had requests to do school homework (request denied but a tutor was found). This is a service for us everyday peeps. In fact, Tick Tock was referred by a good friend who is a full time working mum. Our husbands had bought us a day out the RACV Torquay Resort (day spa and cheese platter thank you very much).She was telling me she had brought a few hours for herself from Tick Tock and was using them to work through her errands and gleefully ticking tasks off her to do list.

  • Health insurance comparison – done
  • Quotes sourced and tradesman met at the house and repair completed – done
  • Birthday party – planned, catered and cleaned up – done

And she still has time left. Up her sleeve. For a rainy day. Or a bad week. Or the rest of her Christmas shopping. (Like Christmas toy requests that are currently sold out in 8 countries)

Sounds expensive? Guess what? It’s not. It’s very accessible for anyone and you don’t need 100 hours, just a few will get a lot done. Because Annalee and her team don’t have your children whinging at them and they don’t need to cook your dinner or take your clients calls. And they are much faster and more efficient than you because of that. (Like superheroes remember)

Sounds too glamorous? Tick Tock will do just about anything you don’t have the time or burning desire to do. (well not that… but they can probably plan a romantic night away and a babysitter if that helps).

So make a list (you know I love a list). Highlight all the things on there that someone else could do for you – which you don’t personally need to be there to complete/supervise/participate in.

And email Tick Tock. Then go and do that yoga class and contemplate life.

Or can I recommend a Pedicure and a cheese platter at RACV Torquay Resort. It’s divine.

Visit Annalee and the team at

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