When you write a blog you find yourself wondering if anyone is reading.

Other than the family of course (Hi Mum and Dad).

So it was a wonderful surprise last week to have 3 different people come up to me and say they follow my blog and they like it. Now I was sure it was my eloquent prose about the benefits of martinis in a jar or heartfelt plea to use 24-hour hand sanitiser that must have made such an enormous impact on these 3 avid followers.

But no, it seems my most popular post is about a $15 microwave egg cooker.

Now I do pride myself on solving 1st world problems and they don’t get much bigger than using your microwave to cook eggs. Apparently, it was a good recommendation – all three had bought it and loved it. They loved it enough to interrupt their beach visits and dog walking adventures to tell me.

Latecomers, you can catch up on the egg cooker here…. https://founditloveit.com.au/perfectly-microwaved-eggs-yes/

And all three were waiting for the follow-up post on the matching bacon cooker. We all love a sequel right – so here it is, not quite The Empire Strikes Back but apparently the most anticipated news since we learned Sophie picked the rich guy.

So let’s re-introduce Davo, the microwave sceptic. He who said it couldn’t be done with eggs.

Now if you thought Davo was serious about eggs, you haven’t seen anything. The ordering of bacon in a restaurant is a 5 point plan. Crispy, no fat, not too much, not too little, not too thick blah blah blah. Can we cook such perfect bacon in the microwave? I admit even I am dubious at this point. I have bad 1980 memories of everyone trying to cook their roast chicken in the microwave. “Seasoning” it with brown marinade so it looks cooked. Mmmm.

But we have been entrusted with a mission. By 3 people.

We bought Shortcut bacon.

Put it on the dish, placed on the lid, and cooked it for 4 minutes.


You are dying to know, aren’t you? If this was a TV show, we would go to a break….


It was good. Crispy and delicious. 4 minutes gave us crispy bacon and a lot of the fat had drained off too. If you like less crispy they suggest 2-3 minutes. And it will depend on the thickness of the bacon. Davo is impressed and my stove is clean. Happy days.

So there you have it – feel free to comment and tell me your life is now complete. Or just comment so I know someone is out there. (Yes Mum, I know you are there x).


for more info

Microsafe®Bacon Cooker


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