Do you hate the Christmas countdowns? There’s a certain feel when someone says

“only 3 weeks to go!”
Those people have finished their shopping, you know that. And probably knitted matching Christmas jumpers and baked their Christmas cake in July. And they are also the people who buy Christmas decorations in January for next year.

PLEASE share these and give these businesses some love – they are small businesses trying to survive in the big world of retailing and they are doing some great things! I’m not getting anything for promoting these guys – I just found them and love them!
Today we meet
Grillight/ Mr Lid/Space Cube/ Hampton Home and Co/ Mummy Couture/
Pocket Prints/ Post High

And as a thank you for sharing, everyone who shares the posts goes into a draw to win a hamper of some of these goodies for themselves!

Grillight –

I love it when I find a gift that I can buy my Dad (Hi Dad). Hardest person in the world to shop for other than my brother, who will also get one of these. And I’ll get an extra for the father in law for next birthday too (love an item that I can bulk gift buy!)

These BBQ tools have a removable LED torch built into the handle – perfect for cooking when camping, in outdoor areas with bad or no light and to ensure the sausages are not charcoal because they could be seen properly!

Love this set $58.25

OFFER – 10% off for my readers, use code “founditloveit” at checkout. And there’s Afterpay!

Mr Lid –
Do you dread opening your plastics cupboard? If it’s not because something will fall out, it will be because you won’t be able to find a lid as the lids disappear into space – hiding somewhere with the other socks and pens from my office. Then you will love this.

Mr Lid – the plastic container with the lid attached, yes attached. So you never lose it! I have been using them myself and I love them! They stack and they go in the dishwasher, microwave and freezer. They are BPA free and more importantly, they are leak proof so perfect for the lunchbox, fridge and picnics. Why didn’t I think of this?
They cost a lot less than Tupperware so if you buy some for someone, get some for yourself too! Entire 10 piece set is $44.95.

Space Cube –
Small desk or office? Or no desk or office but you need somewhere to store all your stuff. And hide all those charging cords that are spread all over your house!
I saw this on facebook and ordered one immediately. I like to work at the dining table (so I can watch Real Housewives at the same time) but got sick of packing everything up each night and them unpacking it again.

The Space Cube is 5 organisers in 1 compact cube + docking station for phone and tablet. Keeps everyday essentials in one spot whilst keeping cords tidy and hidden. And saves space!

I’m sure it’s very good, and I will no doubt love using it once Davo gives it back to me. He took one look at it upon arrival and snuck off with it into his office. Time to buy another! Only $44.99

Groovy Homewares – Hampton Home and Co @hamptonhomeandco
A very clever and stylish friend of mine has opened a homewares store in Hampton and I just had to share some of her wares with you as they are so cute and fun. She is on facebook and I’m sure she will be happy to post to you!

Juicy measuring cups – looks cool on the bench top but practical too! $29.95

Cactus measuring spoons and cup– I’m mad for everything cactus right now and these are awesome! $24.95

Funky Earrings are so now and these are cute and affordable! Flamingos $19 and Bamboo $25

Want to dress up the bottle of wine you are giving? These wine totes are $13.95 and are a great reusable extra gift.

Great Mummy gifts –
I found the gorgeous Emily last year when I spotted her beautiful Kimonos on a group site I belong to. I bought one and wear it and get compliments every time. She has such a beautiful collection of gifts, which are designed for mums who love fashionable chic stuff!

Neo Tote bag – very on-trend look at an affordable price. Comes in a variety of colours but I love the metallic black! $89.95

Oasis Clutch and necklace- clutch can be used for nappies but is also a great size to throw in your handbag for makeup etc. The silicon necklace is an easy way to add colour and has a release clasp if the kids get a little rough with it! $39.95

Bayleigh Bohemian Kimono – here’s a secret. A kimono hides a multitude of sins and feels like a beautiful dressing gown to wear. This one is soft and silky and instantly dresses up any outfit. And is perfect for questionable weather (hello Melbourne). $59.95
OFFER – 15% off for my readers- enter “Foundit” at checkout – And there is afterpay and zippay!

Printed photos –
Have a phone full of great pics? Lament the fact we don’t print photos anymore but the idea of sorting the pics and downloading them and taking them to a camera store hurt your head. Problem Solved!

Pocket prints is a cool app. You simply select your pics from your phone – camera roll, Facebook, Instagram etc and they do the rest. Print and deliver.
And look at these cool products!

20 Picture Poster print $35

24 X Retro Prints $22

20 Mini Prints $18 – 7.6cm x 7.6cm! love a mini print!

So many more printing options and delivery is FREE. Great one for the kids!

Footy Goals –
I live in a footy madhouse. And they are Richmond supporters. So needless
to say I have had about enough footy this year. I like to send the boys outside to play ….and discuss the grand final and reenact the grand final. Last year we brought Billy these portable goal posts from Post High. These are genius!

They are a full set of goal posts that fit in a backpack and are portable enough to take to the park, on a camping trip and out onto the street for street footy. They glow in the dark and so easy to set up, the kids can do it themselves. They come in rugby too. $149

And here’s my new favourite bit.
They have come up with stickers for the toilet – AFL goals, Cricket stumps, rugby posts and soccer goals. To assist with aim.

(If you don’t live with boys this is the most useless
information you have been given all year).

If you live with boys, you are nodding right now. And looking for the link. Only $9!

Plenty more great ideas to come – remember as a thank you for sharing, everyone who shares the posts goes into a draw to win a hamper of some of these goodies for themselves!


Thanks for your support! Would love your feedback!


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