Still not ready? How does December go so fast?
Right. It’s too late to order online for Christmas.
Breathe. It’s OK.
My last gift post is some of my favourite Geelong and Bellarine goodies so you can buy local. Or at least get a voucher from.
It will help keep the money in our community, help keep our friends and family employed.
And help some of my favourite small businesses.

PLEASE share these and give these businesses some love – they are small businesses trying to survive and they are doing some great things! I’m not getting anything for promoting these guys – I just found them and love them!

Today we meet
Pollen and Petal, Ally Lofts, Quirk, Platters by Jade,
And revisit some of my favourite local posts
Pop Planner, Tick Tock

And as a thank you for sharing, everyone who shares the posts goes into a draw to win a hamper of some of these goodies for themselves!

Pollen and Petal –

Everyone loves flowers – and ethically grown local flowers – even better.
Based in Wallington, these gorgeous creations are made by the young talented Evelyn.

Fresh, simple and overwhelmingly divine, anyone you know would love some of this gorgeousness. You can order on her web site or pick up her posies at Quirk Collective in Pako or Frank and Dollys in Garden Street, East Geelong.


Ally Lofts –

Full disclosure here. Ally happens to be one of my favourite people in the world. A warm, big-hearted, very special friend who also happens to have the most amazing skin in the world.
Now I don’t care for skin care. Never been important to me, so it’s not something I have ever given any thought to or spent any money on. So, many years ago when Ally and I may have been out on the Gtown, I spent my money on Bettina Liano jeans and Ally spent hers on skincare (and a few Bettina Liano jeans cause that’s what one wore to Lyric….anyway, let’s not go there.).

So it is only because of my beautiful friend that I even tried Rodan and Fields. I would normally be scared of these sort of products and avoid them for fear I would sign away my life and end up in some cult somewhere. But if my skin product loving friend tells me this is the best skin care she has tried, I believe her.

And by day two I was convinced. I was walking around the office feeling my new found beautiful skin, sounding like an infomercial and grabbing peoples hands and saying “You Must Feel This!. And I got my first skin compliment in my life. Wowzers. So give it a go. From someone who only brought beauty products when there was a free gift involved.

If you love skin care – you will love it. And if you don’t love skin care- you’ll probably love it more.


Platter Co by Jade –

I am one of those people who could happily eat a platter for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Give me some cheese, crackers and fruit and I’m a happy duck. I follow Platter Co by Jade on facebook basically to see Platter Porn. ( that’s my term but I am happy to share it if you credit me, or buy me a platter).

From a picnic box for a few to the mind-blowing spread that she created for the Cotton On crew at the races, Jades work is a visual delight. And unlike a lot of facebook glitter that doesn’t measure up in real life, these platters taste even better than they look. I am featuring her here as I think her work is amazing and she has a great Christmas day offer where she is collaborating with Pane Di Matteo bakery to bring cheese and sweets boxes to your Christmas celebration.

But like a puppy, don’t just think of her for Christmas. Platter and Co is for life. Or birthdays. Or Weddings. Or Fridays with her popular Fri-Yah boxes that she delivers to your workplace on a Friday for the team! Trust me. No-one is leaving early on a Friday if one of those babies is arriving.


Quirk Collective – 4/111 Pakington Street, Geelong West

Where do I go when I need something for someone. But I don’t know what it is. Yet. But I’ll probably know it when I see it. And I’ll probably want one for myself too.
Quirk Collective. One of those treasure shops where you know you will find the perfect gift. and ten other things you really did know you needed. If you are stuck in Christmas shopping hell, and you got your Mother in Law in the Kris Kringle, get in your car and go to Quirk. With a focus on quirky, ethical, sustainable homewares, jewellery, clothing and art, if you need something different and unique, this is your first stop.

And when you get there and cant make up your mind – buy a Quirk voucher and give the gift of discovery. Because shopping at Quirk is just as much about the journey as it is the destination.

And a couple of my favourites from past posts
Pop Planner – the amazing planner you will actually use

POP – The first Planner that you will actually use past January

Tick Tock  Personal Concierge – if you are buying a voucher this Christmas for someone busy who has everything, this is the gift of time!

Found! Someone who will do all the stuff you don’t want to!


Wishing you all a Merry Christmas – thank you for coming on board this year – I am looking forward to more finds in 2018!


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