Is your social media full of espresso martinis?

Everywhere I look someone is enjoying one or ten.
Full disclaimer – I don’t drink espresso martinis, I don’t, in fact, drink coffee. I love the taste and the smell but caffeine and I have a tricky relationship that often ends in shaky hands and nervous head twitches. So when my lovely sister-in-law came across this espresso martini in a jar at the bottle shop I thought, I love it – but not for me. And while these have been available for a while, it seems the word is not out to everyone and that seems a damn shame. Because if this blog is about anything, it’s about convenience!

So I have had to recruit some testers for this blog. It is possible these are some of the people who you may see regularly here so let’s call them the foundits.
Foundit Davo – father of my children, barman, joker
Foundit Kara – co-worker, mother of teen girls (so a drinker), life of the party
Foundit Betsey – office manager extraordinaire, survivor, straight shooter
Foundit Kayla – warehouse queen, Gen Y, compulsive shopper
Their mission was to follow the instructions of Chill Me, Shake Me, Drink Me. And discover does the cocktail in the jar taste, smell and look as good as the real deal?

Firstly, everyone couldn’t believe how easy it was – nothing to add, nothing to do except Chill, Shake and Drink. The packaging is divine and comes in a convenient 4 pack to share. Or not.
I got them for $39 for the 4; not cheap but certainly a lot more economical than purchasing in a bar. And the Foundits agreed they are worth it for the convenience of being able to throw them in your handbag, take to a festival or picnic or have one ready at home at a moment’s notice.

And the taste? Yummy was the consensus from both newbies and seasoned EM drinkers. The consistency is different from a freshly shaken one, but it tastes so close to the real thing you could barely taste the difference when we put them side by side.
So that sums it up.
Yum, Convenient, just like the real thing. And they come in salted caramel flavour and a cheeky Margarita option too!

Note of caution, please drink responsibly – these little jars of yumminess are way too easy to gulp, so slow down and enjoy. They have a shelf life of 12 months so they can be on hand for emergencies like thank god its Friday drinks and last minute Saturday night drinks and …is it really only Wednesday? drinks.

Where do I go I hear you ask? Dan Murphy’s and selected bottle shops. You can also get them on which speaking of convenience will deliver in metropolitan Melbourne and Sydney in under an hour.

Feeling thirsty now, aren’t you…
Found It Love It Cheers!

Check out their website and tell them Found it Love it sent you ♥


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  1. Ally Lofts
    July 1, 2017 at 4:24 pm (3 years ago)

    You found this for me! I looove this and I haven’t even tasted it yet! 🙌🏻


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